Jaguari Dam

The Arroio Jaguari dam is located on the border between the municipalities of São Gabriel and Lavras do Sul, on the western border of the state of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil. The purpose of the project is irrigation for agricultural production, ensuring water security and flood control.

In addition to São Gabriel, it will serve the municipalities of Cacequi, Dom Pedrito, Lavras do Sul, Rosário do Sul and Santana do Livramento. The dam will have the capacity to irrigate 83,000 hectares, in addition to guaranteeing the water supply to the population.

The understanding of the local geology is essential to guarantee the perfect functioning of the dam. As part of the studies, Geomodelle developed geological and geotechnical 3D interactive models in order to assist in the identification of possible problems common to this type of dam, such as liquefaction and/or piping.

This project has been developed in partnership with AFC Geofisica.

Modelo Básico Jaguari Dam
Section Along Dam

Some scenes of the models developed in the project can be obtained through the links below. Download each scene and save to your computer. To interact with the scenes, it is necessary to have previously installed the viewer, which can be obtained for free from the Seequent website. Download the viewer and install it. You will be directed to create a Seequentid on the Seequent web site that holds the rights of use of the software.

Download Viewer

When viewing, you can analyze the details of the models through the buttons on the left of the page. At the top there are a number of tools for the creation of cross-sections and to include planes for viewing directions. It is possible to navigate along the cross sections using the dot “.” or the comma “,” from your keyboard.
To measure distances use the ruler and for several other types of views use the Look button.

Please notice that the scenes were developed in high graphic resolution, but their quality will depend on your computer's graphics card.

Scene 1 - Aluvions and Jetgrouting

Scene 2 - Litologies, boreholes and Jetgrouting

Scene 3 - Litologies and Geophysical Sections

Scene 4 - Cross section aligned with dam axis , Geophysical scetions and boreholes

Scene 5 - Cross section aligned with the dam axis

Scene 6 - Cross sections aligned to North

Scene 7 - Geophysical Sections

Scene 8 - Elevations and boreholes

The earth dam is located in São gabriel, South of Brazil

Jaguari Dam

Jaguari Dam

Jaguari Dam

Jaguari Dam